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Is Irritable Bowel Syndrome Hereditary?

For the past 5 years I have been dealing with sporadic irritable bowel syndrome that loves to pop its ugly little head up during the worst possible times. Vacations and date nights with the wife being it’s favorite time to come around.

ibsFor those of you that are familiar with IBS and have dealt with the constant bloating and constipation, it takes no further explanation to really convey how inconvenient it is. For those lucky enough to have never experienced it; well the best way I can describe it to you is: You’re either running to the bathroom every five minutes or you’re sitting in a ball on the ground wishing you could go to the bathroom every five minutes. It really is discomfort at its worst and the stress that it adds to simple everyday activities gives is reminiscent of a back seat driver that never gets out of the car and the car is in your stomach.

At Christmas dinner this year I got to talking to my brothers and my Dad about my issues. To my horror and surprise, both brothers, and my Dad have the exact same issues I have. Some of you may be thinking to yourself that we are simply an unhealthy family which I wish were true because then there could potentially be a simple solution to the problem. Unfortunately, my family is a perfect image of health. We all exercise frequently and are all on diets recommended by our doctors for this particular issue. I did some research and came across a study by the Institute of Human Genetics at Heidelberg University that confirmed my suspicions that IBS is most likely hereditary. There is a reason there hasn’t been a cure all pill or supplement to come out yet that 100% rids the body of our backseat driver. It’s an extremely hard disorder to diagnose and treat.