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Lower Back Pain and Constipation

Did you know that often times, when you have chronic and consistent back pain and constipation that the two are related?

I visited the Chiropractor this week and had my lower back checked out because I am always working at my computer. He gave me an electronic scan down my back and the results came back with a strong possibility that my constipation problems and lower back problems are linked… I had never imagined that my constipation problems could possibly be linked to my lower back problems.

How are they linked?

back pain constipationThink of your nervous system as a bunch of hoses that ultimately link back to the primary water source. Each hose carrys water to specific plants helping the plants grow and do what they need to do. These hoses are like our nerves, the water source is our brain, and the plants are different parts of our body. If one of those hoses gets kinked it’s much harder for the water to get through and help the plants do what they need to do. In retrospect, when our nerves get pinched its much harder for the brain to transfer information to certain parts of the body. Many nerves in your lower back are responsible for telling your body its potty time. When these nerves get pinched, it’s harder to get the information to your lower intestine, and this causes constipation. When broken down like this, it really makes a lot of sense.

What can you do about it?

See a chiropractor! If you are reading this article than constipation has likely gotten to a point of uncomfortability that you are seeking help. This may not be the reason you are constipated as other variables can also come in to play such as diet, level of fitness, and genetics. If you are someone who DOES have lower back problems as well as constipation than it may be a good idea to talk to a chiropractor and see if they can help you out.