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Probiotics and Constipation

Probiotics are safe for human consumption and are live bacteria cultures that can be found within raw milk, yogurt and other products.

They are often used in order to improve digestive tract health. Some types of probiotics provide the intestines with bacteria that are quite helpful to the digestive process which can reduce and eliminate certain types of gastrointestinal issues. Probiotics can be helpful in lessening the length and the severity of constipation. So no, probiotics are not a cause of constipation and can be used in order to treat constipation.

Causes of Constipation

probiotics and constipationThere are many different things that can cause a person to become constipated. Failing to have sufficient daily exercise or movement, being dehydrated and failing to pass stool when the urge arises are all potential causes of constipation. Having a diet that is low in fiber can cause constipation and stress can actually cause constipation too. For women, hormonal imbalances and certain medications can also cause constipation.

Research Regarding Constipation

Medical research has not yet definitively proven that probiotics can be a cause of constipation. However, this does not necessarily mean that probiotics have been entirely ruled out as a cause or contributing factor to constipation. It only means that the current research has not shown that to be the case.

Benefits of Taking Probiotics

Taking probiotics can likely help to alleviate constipation. Recent studies indicate that older individuals see great results when taking probiotics to reduce the symptoms of constipation. Especially when taken in conjunction with different types of soluble fiber, daily probiotics can do much to improve gastrointestinal health.

Important Considerations

Although probiotics may be very helpful and provide consumers with significant health benefits including the successful treatment of constipation, do not take probiotic supplements unless you have spoken to your doctor about it first. Probiotics may potentially interact with some medications in negative ways. You should also refrain from giving probiotics to your child unless advised to do so by a doctor or given clearance to do so by a doctor.