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Prune Juice for Constipation? The Healthy, Natural Remedy

There is no doubt that if you ask somebody for natural constipation remedies, you will get prune juice or prunes as an answer.

The reason for this is because constipation and prune juice have been associated with one another for long before constipation medicines were manufactured. Aside from drinking loads of water and eating fiber rich foods, prune juice is also one of the most proven, and safe remedies for constipation. As a matter of fact, prune juice will not only reduce the risk of constipation, it’s also helpful in detoxifying your body which will help to prevent other health issues such as colon problems.

The Wonderful Benefits of Prune Juice:

prunes and constipationUsing prune juice for constipation can be considered the oldest yet most effective solution used by people. Prune juice contains natural fiber that helps to maintain a good sugar level in your body that positively helps your ingested food become soft in the bowels… this makes bowel movement easier and more comfortable. Prune contains beneficial nutrients and will not affect the blood sugar levels, this makes prunes particularly useful for diabetics as it only provides healthy sugars such as sorbitol and fructose, which are needed by the body to maintain a healthy bowel movement. It is also believed that prunes for constipation is more effective than any other fruits like apples, papaya, grapes, and pears.

Who Should Drink Prune Juice

Using prune juice for constipation is recommended to both children and adults. Although, adults would need to drink prune juice more often since their food intake is greater when compared to kids. Prune juice for constipation is also safe for pregnant women and does not harm the baby. Constipation in pregnant women normally happens but since they cannot just take medicines, prune juice for pregnant women are more feasible. Prunes constantly provides people from all ages the relief from constipation in a healthy and more convenient way.