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Using Prune Juice as a Laxative – The Complete Guide!

Prune juice is a fantastic natural laxative that can work for people of all ages and all levels of health. Scroll down to educate yourself on one of the most effective, natural, and cheap constipation remedies available.

Prune juice is given to everyone from infants to elderly people. It works fast and helps to keep your colon clean. In fact, many people use prune juice as a colon cleanser even when they are not dealing with constipation of any type. This is the best way to get your system clean without turning to over the counter or prescription medications.

How Much Prune Juice For Adults?

prune juice laxativesFor adults, a full 8 oz. glass of prune juice will prompt the best results. It is recommended to not ingest prune juice daily unless directed by a doctor. Instead, turn to raw fruits and vegetables and a proper amount of fiber every day to keep your system regular. This leads to a healthy lifestyle, but also a healthy colon that makes bowel movements easy.

Prune Juice and Children

Prune juice is the number 1 recommended remedy for toddler constipation. Take just a small amount of prune juice (about half a cup) to get a baby’s system going. For infants, constipation is defined as fewer than one bowel movement every other day. Constipation in babies is extremely common and often a doctor can’t pinpoint the exact cause for it. A half a cup of prune juice will flush your child’s system without turning to conventional medicine.
The older and larger your child gets, the more prune juice they will need to relieve constipation. For toddlers ages 2 and older, two cups of prune juice should loosen the stool and promote bowel movements. For a child older than that, a glass of prune juice works best.

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